The Priestess Remembrance Retreat

A sacred journey to remember, reclaim and rebirth your power within

Ireland: Next dates TBA

Take a Journey...

To the heart of the sacred feminine in a lush land steeped with ritual and tradition.

A place where the lineage of the Priestess is alive and well...

Where your spiritual wisdom is valued and honored...

Where you will be invited to heal and come home to who you truly are...

And reclaim the power you hold deep inside.

Join us for a sacred journey of REMEMBRANCE...
and empower the leader, healer, wise woman, and priestess within you.

The Priestess Remembrance Retreat

Ireland: Next dates TBA

An all inclusive journey to the sacred land of the Goddess

The Priestess Remembrance retreat is a 7 night exclusive and ALL-INCLUSIVE experience that will empower your intuition, nourish your heart, and bring you home to your true spiritual wisdom and leadership as a woman...all within the sacred container of Sisterhood. This journey is both inspirational and educational. You will not only experience incredible healing and transformational processes at ancient sacred sites, but you will also learn tools and invaluable practices to empower you as a leader, healer, teacher, mother, and Priestess when you return home. Explore our itinerary below:


Arrival Dublin Airport

Drive to our Gorgeous Seafield Hotel and Spa accommodations

Welcome Dinner

Opening ceremony


Excursion: Tomnafinnoge Woods

Visit the Sacred Well

Fire Ceremony Circle

Co-creative nature art project


Full Day Excursion: Sacred Site in Roscommon Rathcroghan, 

Royal site Rathmore ringfort,,

Ogulla Holy Well , Oweynagat Caves, Cave of the Cats Roscommon



Excursion: Glendalough Waterfall and Lake

Rebirth, Land Healing and Clearing Ritual

Dinner and Circle at Seafield Spa Hotel 


Day 5: FREE TIME to explore, or take a relaxing Spa Day at hotel


Full Day Excursion: Lough Crew and Hill of Tara

Activation and Empowerment Ritual 


Excursion: Piper Stone Circle

Castleruddery site of the Divine Feminine

Clonegal Castle

Ordination and Celebration


Breakfast and completions

Departures to Dublin airport shortly after breakfast.

*Please note: This schedule is subject to be slightly altered as needed at the facilitators discretion. 

Our Accommodations: A gorgeous award winning spa retreat hotel

Come rest and revive yourself in our beautiful award winning Seafield Spa hotel in Gorey, Ireland.... a perfect place for the goddesses to rest and return home to each day after our excursions. The Seafield hotel was rated the top spa in all of Europe with incredible treatments that will nurture the Priestess within you. With a private beach next to a lush forest on the Irish Sea, the Seafield is sure to nourish you on every level.


  • Daily sister circles and empowerment rituals.
  • All excursions to lush forests, sacred sites, beautiful castles, and waterfalls. 
  • Guided healing processes for emotional freedom, spiritual embodiment, clarity, and empowerment.
  • All transportation to and from airport (Dublin) and around Ireland on our excursions while there.
  • 3 meals/day of healthy and delicious meals. 
  • Double occupancy accommodations at the beautiful Seafield Hotel in Gorey, Ireland (single private rooms are also available if desired)
  • Beautiful Priestess keepsake gifts and treats from Laura and Amanda.
  • A pre-retreat online women's circle with Laura and Amanda to help you prepare for the journey ahead and set sacred intentions.
  • BONUS GIFT: Deep sisterhood connections with the women in your group that last a lifetime!
  • Please note: airfare is NOT included. 

"Working with Laura has saved my life. Her coaching, circles, and retreats have helped me break through life-long addictions, and have prepare me for the journey of stepping into my divine feminine... mentally, physically and spiritually here on this planet. I will forever be in gratitude for my sister Laura for creating a space for my essence to blossom... and to feel truly supported, honored and loved."

Ashley Ann Delgado
Buti Yoga Teacher, Addiction and Recovery Coach

"I have to say Laura's retreat was right up there with me falling in the love for the first time and giving birth to my four children. If you're looking to take your business, your mind, your body, AND your soul to the next level...working with Laura is for you."

Shelly Arthur
CEO of Shelly's Smart Shopper

"The retreat with Laura was life-changing! Prior to attending, I couldn't even begin to grasp the deep healing that would take place in my heart. Every single day was spent barefoot, dancing, singing, playing, laughing until my stomach hurt, crying tears of joy, and crying tears of pain... Truly healing my HEART and SOUL! Thank YOU beautiful goddess for opening my heart again to LOVE and LIFE! Thank YOU for helping me recover a part of myself that had been buried deep inside for a REALLY long time!"

Rhonda Hardey
Registered Nurse, Health Coach

Who is the modern day Priestess?

She is a woman who embraces the power of the Goddess within her. 

A leader who helps pave the way and leads by example.

A healer who shines her light and shares her gifts.

A wise woman who embraces her own wisdom and strength.

A mother who gives birth to new life... as babies, ideas, art, or heartfelt contributions.

A woman who stands in devotion to the Divine, and knows she is here for an important purpose. 

A woman who REMEMBERS who she is deep down inside, and is ready to define her own reality. 

She is alive and rising on the planet in ALL women... and she is alive and rising in YOU. 

Every Woman Holds Priestess Energy Within Her...

You have incredible power, wisdom, and healing gifts to share. 

You have Fierce Love and Potent Intuition within you. 

You have big visions, goals and dreams that are vital for yourself and the world. 

This is your time to RECEIVE and REFUEL so you can truly THRIVE. 

Join us on journey to REMEMBER and EMBODY who you truly are...

We are here to welcome you home. 

Meet Your GUIDES:

Laura J. Swan

Laura J. Swan, MA, CHLC, E-RYT is a devoted wife and mother, a Transformational Coach with a Masters in Counseling Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy. She is an intuitive healer and leadership mentor, and infuses these gifts into her potent transformational work with women. As a Priestess and Ceremonialist, she has been leading women’s circles since she was just 16 years old. She is the author of Reclaim Your Power, and a speaker who has been mentoring women and girls to find their authentic voice, purpose, and power for over 20 years. She currently has a private client healing and coaching practice, leads retreats and workshops internationally, and provides a variety of online leadership and empowerment programs for women, leaders, and heart-centered entrepreneurs all over the world. She lives with her husband, two children and their rescue animals on a little urban farm in Southern California.


Amanda Collins

A Celtic Priestess, inspirational speaker, self-love guide and Feng Shui Master. She founded the International Feng Shui School and training program, which offers in-person and online certification courses. Amanda created the Inner Circle of Wisdom as a source of support, inspiration and friendship to help you find your own joy, invite miracles and live your greatest self. You can access her latest videos, webinars, podcasts, meditations and on-line community anywhere in the world. Amanda also leads sacred journeys around Ireland, tapping into ancient ritual with an uncanny ability to make modern-day magic.

"You really have to trust your heart."

"Saying YES to the retreat and women's program with Laura was quite possibly the best decision I ever made for myself. It also wasn't an easy decision, sometimes there's a YES in your heart and a "are you crazy" in your head and you really have to trust your heart.

I followed my heart to this retreat in a way I never had before and because of that, I was able to experience unbelievable results. The retreat in and of itself was healing and Laura was an exquisite facilitator. She is the true embodiment of feminine mastery - grace, openness, vulnerability, and truth. Her calm and centered way of being brings you right there too, a remembrance of that place inside of you. She is a facilitator that holds a solid container for the mystery that unfolds. 

The journey we took was orchestrated in a beautiful way... and step by step we all walked home. I fell in love with myself, I claimed my worth and my desires... and it all worked. One month later I fell in love with my now husband, a man better than I could have dreamed of and because of the transformation I had experienced, I was ready. Because of this retreat, I now have access to my heart on a consistent basis, and for that I am so grateful." 

-Catherine Danieli, Love and Relationship Coach

Join us for the journey of a lifetime!


"Every day, I am grateful to the Universe for bringing Amanda into my life. When Amanda speaks of magic and miracles, she truly means magic and miracles. I experienced the most profound sense of unconditional love during last year’s trip to Ireland. It was indeed transformative."

Robbie Howell

"I am still on cloud nine from this magical journey! When Amanda first said how magical it would be I had no idea what she meant - NOW I DO!!! From the amazing relationships and bonding that happened. It Will be a trip that I personally will never forget! and forever changed."

Susan Fefferman

"If you are looking for a life changing journey of self discovery and connection to a beautiful land and sisters, then the Ireland trip is the one for you! You will be blown away in love with life and forever changed. "

Gia George

"This remarkable journey with Priestesses is a travel experience not to be missed. See Ireland in all her glory, her spiritual power, natural breathtaking beauty and heart wide open hospitality. Amanda’s reverence for her homeland sets this adventure apart, it's an honor to witness her deep devotion to her motherland, What a blessing this trip was on so many levels, educational, spiritual, an opportunity to truly connect with the enchanting Ireland." -Erin O'Rourke


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