Reclaim Your Power

A women's transformational program and live circle experience

Reclaim Your Voice, Confidence, and Feminine Wisdom to Step Into your True Destiny and Purpose

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Generate the future you have always dreamed of…

“Laura Swan is a very special and enlightened being who has a deep and profound understanding of the divine power of the feminine. Her work and words will alter your life, pierce your heart, transform your relationship with yourself, and empower you to generate the future you have always dreamed of. Join Reclaim Your Power and allow it to nourish every aspect of who you are. Thank you, Laura, for being a true visionary leader, and empowering women to lead from love!

~ Lynne Twist, Global Visionary Leader, Humanitarian, Author of the Soul of Money, and founder of the Soul of Money Institute and the Pachamama Foundation.

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Are you ready to tap into your potential, and create a life authentic to your heart and soul?

  • You know that you have tremendous gifts to share, but you often feel stuck or held back.
  • You’re no stranger to spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, prayer or chanting.
  • You may have also done a deep dive into your inner world through therapy or journaling.
  • Despite this rich inner life and being tapped into your own knowingness, something is missing.
  • You sense it, but you don’t know exactly how to access it.

The truth is… many of us as women feel stuck, as if there is unrealized potential just waiting to be set free.

And it's painful when we know we are powerful, conscious women - but still feel disconnected from our potential and the life we truly desire.

Because inside of all of us is an incredible light to be shared.

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I have grown tremendously...

I have grown tremendously in many areas of my life since taking Reclaiming Your Power. I feel a lot more independent and able to do things on my own without going into fear mode. I am dancing a lot more and feeling so much lighter than I ever felt. I loved Reclaim Your Power so much and look forward to many more courses that Laura offers. She is a true inspiration and has such a beautiful way of teaching us (showing us) who we truly are and also helping us to see the gifts that we all have within us.

~ Jodi Hai

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Free Yourself in Reclaim Your Power!

The Reclaim Your Power program and women's circle experience takes you through an empowering pathway to find healing, balance, and wholeness in your life

“I'm Ready”

Archetypes help you tap into & harness your feminine wisdom

As a woman, you are a multifaceted and incredibly complex being. You are beautifully creative and powerfully gifted, and usually long to be expressed in more than just one role or area of your life.

Looking at yourself through the lens of archetypes allows you to express all sides of your being so that no part gets left behind.

When you integrate all the parts of who you are, including the forgotten ones or the ones that you tried to put aside, you naturally become more powerful, centered, grounded and confident.

Sacred sisterhood helps set you free

Throughout your transformational journey, you are supported by fellow sisters in your program to become your most authentic self. We are here to help you embrace and love all facets of yourself.

Laura and the Reclaim Your Power leaders create a sacred container where you can feel safe to bring all parts of you to the circle.

No matter your past hurts or traumas, this is a place where you can heal hidden wounds and transform your relationship with other women.

Magic happens when we come together in circle. The sisters that are drawn to our circles are kind, compassionate, and loving. They can be your greatest allies, champions and close friends.

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Laura truly has helped change my life…

I have had a very profound experience in Reclaim Your Power as I am learning to love myself while finding out who I really am. I have hidden for years in the monotony of work and was overweight, unmotivated and unhappy. It has been so long since I asked myself what I really wanted out of life and this circle has allowed for me to dive into the juiciness of being a woman. Laura truly has helped change my life for the better. I am beginning to feel more confident, sexy and feminine than I ever have. I have learned to believe that I deserve the world and nothing is out of reach.

~ Heather Hughes, RN

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laura photoHello Sister!

My name is Laura J. Swan, and I’m fiercely committed to the rise of feminine power and wisdom on this planet. I believe that women's hearts have the power to heal the world, but before we can effectively be of service to others, we also have to heal and reclaim ourselves.

I know that women–the real and raw ones, the ones who feel deeply and intensely, with huge hearts and big dreams... the ones who may also have messy lives, health struggles, or difficult, wounded pasts–yes, we are the ones who hold the key to the transformation of our world.

We are the resilient ones who know what it means to have suffered, and we also know what it means to emerge on the other side.

As a woman who has struggled with many heartbreaks and challenges in my life, from the break up of my family as a young girl, to turning to drug and alcohol addiction very young, to developing a severe eating disorder in college, to struggling with debilitating anxiety and depression, to the loss of many pregnancies before finally birthing my own children... and the list goes on.

Yes... I know what it feels like to be totally disconnected from my feminine power and potential. And as you probably know... it's brutal. Especially when deep inside, you have such big dreams, and you know your heart has something special to share with the world.

Which is why I dedicated my life to healing myself and creating my dream, which is to help all women and girls truly heal and become free and powerful from within. I believe there is a pathway to freedom, and it's available for anyone who is willing to take it. And this is the pathway I want to share here with you.

I have created this curriculum and program to support you in unleashing your feminine creative power, reclaiming all parts of yourself, and coming home to your heart's true mission at last.

It is based in my own journey of healing and transformation, as well as my 22+ years of working with women worldwide.

Our program and sisterhood circles are a place where absolute magic unfolds, dreams are manifested, and healing truly happens.

I hope you will join us, and I can't wait to welcome you to our community with open arms and have you join the hundreds of other women who have taken this pathway too.

From my heart to yours,


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So wonderful… a perfect blend

Reclaim Your Power has been so wonderful. A perfect blend of exercises to do on my own, connections with other women, getting a chance to watch to juicy interviews, music, coloring… Laura hit so many areas! She models so beautifully what it means to be a woman in her power. Strong, resilient, emotionally embodied, compassionate, intuitive, guided, playful. The journey she has created is multifaceted and that is what makes it so powerful. I can continue to go through my materials and remind myself of the power hidden in the different archetypes within me for years to come. Thank you!

~ Michelle Hardeman-Guptill

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What's Included in Reclaim Your Power?

Join us on this 12 week journey and receive:

Weekly Live Virtual Activation Group Sessions with Laura

Each week, you will gather live with Laura and all of the women in your program for our “Activation Session.” Guided by Laura, you will dive into the week’s lessons and teachings, and offer valuable practices and exercises to embody the material at home. These sessions run from 30-45 min and will be every week on Tuesdays at 12pm PST. (we also record the sessions and send them out that day if you can't not attend live for any reason).

Weekly Live Virtual Women's Circle 

Then you will meet in smaller more intimate breakout circles with the women in your program on Zoom video conferencing. In an intimate virtual circle of support, you will be guided and supported by certified Reclaim Your Power facilitators. This experience is profound for our women, and allows a safe space of support, healing, and transformation with like minded sisters walking along the same path.

Laura's BookReclaim Your Power: A journey through archetypes to remember, reclaim, and rebirth your true feminine power and wholeness

As a part of this program, you will receive Laura's book (digital copy and hard copy mailed to you) that goes hand in hand with the course. It weaves her own personal stories with a wealth of practical guidance, which allows you to take the teachings to a much deeper level.

The RYP Companion Guidebook and Creativity Journal:

This comprehensive, multi-media companion journal and workbook is a gem to go along with your program. This guidebook is filled with powerful exercises, coloring pages, journaling prompts, beautiful photos, and suggested practices that take you deeper into the concepts and stories that you experience in our program. Plus each chapter has links to free downloadable meditations and audios on Laura’s website! You will receive both the digital copy and a hard copy mailed right to your home!

Full Reclaim Your Power Online Course:

A complete online program where Laura guides you through the RYP Pathway in addition to the in person circle. With videos, audio meditations, and special guest mentor interviews, this program is an in depth and expansive experience of all of the material in her book and complements your live circle experience.

COMPLETION BONUS: The Feminine Power Activation Bracelet:

If you complete the program and attend at least 9 of the 12 scheduled women's circles, you receive this beautiful bonus graduation gift! Each of these are handmade with Love out of sterling silver and natural healing crystals and gemstones. Each bead is symbolic of a step in the Reclaim Your Power pathway, and will serve as a constant reminder after you go through this process of the incredible beauty and power you hold inside you no matter what.

EARLY REGISTRATION BONUS: Full Online Self-Study Course: Live Like a Goddess, Think like a Queen.

As an early registration bonus, you'll receive this full course for free! In Laura's new course, she moves through the 5 embodiment practices of a Goddess, and the 5 mindset shifts to become a Queen. This course will help you tap into your confidence, power, and voice as you live in balance with your feminine strength and grace. A $197 value yours for free for joining Reclaim Your Power.

"Laura J. Swan’s impeccable work has delivered a profound & beautiful impact to my life. As a healer & woman discovering my own greatness, claiming my divine power & stepping into my Dharmic path as a leader, I'm absolutely honored to call Laura a mentor & friend. Laura’s masterful intuition & clairvoyance has been a brilliant reflection of my truth. Building my confidence in ways which are nurturing my soul in preparation to fully embody the brilliance that I’ve always known to be my true potential. "

Ali Mae Thompson
Lightworker, Healing Artist, Kundalini Yoga Instructor

"I found Laura to be inspirational and a beautiful role model of an embodied woman with a big heart. She has created a very professional and comprehensive programme, created from love and always held lovingly by Laura. It was a nourishing experience with many insights and wisdom gained intellectually and emotionally. Thank you, Laura!"

Caroline Roberts
Massage Therapist and Baby Massage Instructor

"Laura is a master at creating a safe and sacred space for a woman for healing and reclaiming parts of herself that have been feared or neglected. The course materials online are simple, short and easy to navigate yet gives you thorough information regarding the archetypes and topics, and it all combines perfectly with the special guest interviews so we can see a living example of each archetype."

Rhavie Masiglat

"Laura is an amazing leader. She is aware and loving; a woman with whom I trust and so proud to call her my sister! Because I said YES to Laura and her programs, I am a stronger woman with a big presence to bring more love and light into the world for our children and the next 7 generations to come! "

Michelle Little
Humanitarian, Activist, Founder/Director of Unite in Peace and Beautiful Dying

"Laura is a true model of leading from love. Through her own personal vulnerabilities, she shows others to live their own Truths. I encourage anyone who wants to experience how much healing can occur from within a group of women to sign up for Laura's offerings. I still am finding the materials, guidance, offerings, and meditations to be a resource I go back to time and time again. "

Kelly Thomas
Yoga Teacher, Artist
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I feel so much more connected to my true self…

I really enjoy how the course is delivered in small chunks that are very doable. I love the meditations, song suggestions and mantras. I love the journal and the online videos. The interviews are really nice way to discuss it from a slightly different angle. I feel so much more connected to my true self.

~ Lidia Botero

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Explore our Pathway & Curriculum

Each week we move through a different archetype and corresponding energy center, each one allowing you to fully activate and reclaim all parts of yourself as a woman.

Week 1: Introduction, Activation, and Setting Sacred Intentions

Week 2: The Reclaim Your Power Pathway and the Magic of Archetypes

Week 3: The Foundation of Self-Love

Archetype: The Mother
Chakra: Root

Week 4: Activate Your Joy

Archetype: The Maiden
Chakra: Sacral

Week 5: Come Home to Your Body

Archetype: The Lover
Chakra: Sacral

Week 6: Own your Fierceness

Archetype: The Warrioress
Chakra: Solar Plexus 

Week 7: Create from Your Heart

Archetype: The Artist
Chakra: Heart

Week 8: Reclaim Your Voice, Treat Yourself Royally

Archetype: The Queen
Chakra: Throat

Week 9: Trust your Inner Wisdom and Guidance

Archetype: The Wise Woman
Chakra: Third Eye

Week 10: Connect to Spirit, Lead from Love 

Archetype: The Conscious Feminine Leader
Chakra: Crown

Week 11: Unleash Your Feminine Power and Purpose

Archetype: The Creatrix
Chakra: All

Week 12: Celebration and Integration

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I have attracted a much healthier relationship…

I achieved the intentions I had created prior to joining the program. As a result, I have attracted a much healthier relationship with a loving boyfriend who treats me like a Queen. I have also achieved greater success in my career, by becoming licensed as a clinical social worker and now having more opportunities for growth opening up to me. This was no small feat, as I had been working towards this goal for the past 6 years!

~ Marina Livis MSW, INHC, RYT

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Power Stories from our Women

Recent graduates share about their experiences in Reclaim Your Power...


How the program works:

The Reclaim Your Power course has all the components necessary to help you have a powerful healing and transformational experience.

Each week on Tuesdays at 12pm PST, there will be a live video call with Laura to kick off that week's materials. This is our weekly "Activation" session, where Laura will teach and share about the lessons for that week and take you through powerful exercises and practices that help you embody the concepts in your own life. (This activation session with Laura is recorded each week just in case you have to miss it so you can watch it at your convenience later.)

In addition, so you can integrate and go deeper with the materials, you will choose to attend one of our several live virtual women's circle options via Zoom Video conferencing. Our online women's circle platform is easy to use and feels almost like you're meeting in person! Women have felt connected from all over the world, and this allows access to this experience for anyone, anywhere.

You will choose one of the following times for your weekly sister circle:

Wednesdays @ 12:00 PM
Thursdays @ 5:00 PM
Fridays @ 9:00 AM
Fridays @ 12:00 PM

*all times listed are in Pacific Standard Time

When you register, you will be given the option for what time and day best accommodates your schedule. We have many options available for you anywhere in the world!

You will also receive a full online course to study alongside the live course. It is made up of easy to use modules that follow the same format and topics as your live experience, and beautifully complements all that we do together in our circles. The online course is packed with rich resources for all learning styles, such as weekly teaching videos, audio meditations and visualizations, and downloadable exercises and worksheets. 

Because the circles and the course materials are virtual and entirely online, you are able to partake in everything while in the comfort of your own home, or while traveling, or on vacation, or anywhere at all. As long as you have your computer or smartphone with you, you can access everything you need to participate in this program from anywhere. And this is really helpful too if you need to miss a circle or two and still be able to catch up on what we covered.

The richness and effectiveness of this program comes from our multifaceted approach which includes live teaching and lessons, self-study, personal practices, deep personal connection with other women in your program, and mentorship with Laura as your teacher and guide.

About Your Instructor, Laura J. Swan:

Laura is a devoted wife and mother, a women's transformational coach and leadership mentor, and an intuitive healer. She is a passionate advocate of women’s empowerment, and has been leading women’s circles, workshops and events since she was 16 years old. Also an author and speaker, Laura has been mentoring, teaching, and coaching women and girls to find their authentic voice and power for over 18 years. She leads retreats and workshops internationally, and provides a variety of online leadership and empowerment programs for women all over the world. Laura runs a private coaching practice and provides in-depth individualized transformational work and mentorship for women and girls. 

Laura shares her personal story and struggles openly in her work, and allows women to see that she doesn’t just teach from her training and education, but from her own experiences of hardships and triumphs. She believes that transparency and vulnerability are the key to helping each other heal, and that we are all a work in progress in the journey of life.

Laura was awarded the Desire to Inspire Foundations Annual award in 2017, and was recently featured in SD Voyager Magazine as one of San Diego's most inspiring women entrepreneurs. 

She graduated Magna Cum Laude with her BA in Anthropology and Religion from Boston University, and holds her Masters degree in Depth and Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. As a trained therapist and counselor, a certified life coach, an E-RYT yoga teacher, and a Reiki Master Teacher, she integrates all of these healing and therapeutic approaches in her empowerment work with women.

She currently lives with her husband and their two children and dog Athos in beautiful Southern California, where they enjoy growing their own food, spending time at the beach, and hiking in nature. 

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Laura embodies what she teaches…

I feel like I have re-engaged in my life in a productive manner rather than just being caught in struggle. I feel inherently supported as a woman in a way that has reconnected me with my strengths and grown self-compassion for my weak spots. I feel more confident as a woman in speaking my truth and acting on my intuition. Laura embodies what she teaches. She holds space with such heart, integrity and permission, you can't help but meet there. You can't help but find exactly what you need as you're guided towards your own power and wisdom.

~ Cheri Loggains

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Meet the Brilliant Guest Mentors in our program:

These women are the guest mentors in our program who exemplify many of the archetypes we explore. Each of them share their wisdom and guidance here in this program through powerful recorded interviews with Laura:

Lynne Twist

Dr. Anita Johnston

Laura Hollick

Jess Magic

Laura Lynne Jackson

Camille Macres

Roxanne DePalma

Heather Salmon

Renee Airya

Sofiah Thom

Yasmine el Baggari

Elizabeth DiAlto

Gail Larson

Patrina Wisdom

Debbie Lichter

"Laura J. Swan has created the one and only program that you’ll ever need to remember, reclaim, and rebirth yourself as a Divine Woman. She will help you activate the Archetypes within that need to be called forth, and help you to access your power whenever you need to... over and over again. Laura, your work is a true gift and blessing, thank you!"

Chong Lee
Women’s Lifestyle Business Mentor & Clean Energy Tech Entrepreneur

"Reclaim Your Power has helped me to love myself, accept myself and understand myself so much more than ever before. Laura has a beautiful way of guiding us through this journey of listening to our own inner voice and healing from within. Her love and passion are so clearly illustrated through this work. Knowing that she has also healed herself with this process and shares from her own knowledge and experience has given me the hope that I need to take each step."

Rebecca Rae
Women's Empowerment Leader

"Delicate in nature yet fierce with love. She weaves this way of being in her coaching, sistership circles, and teachings to give every woman permission to tap into this feminine power of harmony, creative expression and impact. Working with Laura Swan will give you the courage to step into owning your voice and creating a life with purpose and love."

Novalena J. Nichele
Author of the Total Female Package

"Laura's Reclaim Your Power teachings propel people to greatness. I have had the absolute privilege and honor to have been personally mentored by Laura and every single aspect of my life has moved forward in the very best possible direction. I know that absolutely everyone can benefit like I did from the wisdom, love, and grace in the Reclaim Your Power program. She is a magical and beautiful light in this world."

Dawn Witte
Author of "Be", CEO of I Give On, and Founder of The Desire to Inspire Foundation
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Connect more deeply to yourself…

If your looking to connect more deeply to yourself and your own feminine energy, then this is an AWESOME course to learn and experience.

~ Natasha Tashlikowich

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We're Empowering Girls Worldwide:

An investment in yourself is also an investment in empowering the next generation of girls! Your enrollment in Reclaim Your Power not only serves your own path of healing and transformation, but also sponsors an adolescent girl in rural Uganda to go through The Girl Power Project Curriculum. Laura traveled to Uganda in 2016 and met the beautiful young women that this amazing organization serves, and she believes in their mission wholeheartedly. Check out the Girl Power Project  and see the incredible work they are doing to lift young girls from poverty and oppression into leadership, confidence, and opportunity. 

A Recap of What All is Included in Your Reclaim Your Power Program:

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I highly recommend this journey…

Through the Reclaim Your Power pathway, Laura Swan brilliantly illuminates the passageway into the deep Feminine that resides in our individual and collective psyche. With grace and compassion, she gently guides women in awakening to their inner feminine archetypes and in discovering the immense power of sisterhood. I highly recommend this journey to any woman seeking to re-member and re-claim the essence, power, and wisdom of her Feminine nature.

~ Anita Johnston Ph.D, author, Eating in the Light of the Moon & the Light of the Moon Cafe

------------end testimonial-------------

Frequently Asked Questions

The program starts with your first online module being released on Sunday, Sept. 29th, 2019. Our first Activation session with Laura will be on Tuesday, Oct. 1st, and your first virtual women’s circle will be that week on the day and time that you choose.

Our program runs for 12 weeks until the final week of Dec. 15th, with no live women’s circles running during the week of Thanksgiving. Materials will still be released during Thanksgiving week for self-study during that time.

Reclaim Your Power is a multifaceted approach to women's empowerment that is rooted in feminine spirituality, but also grounded by psychological research and effective embodiment practices. 

In this 12 week online course and virtual women’s circle, Laura blends the best of her experience as a trained therapist in depth psychology, an inspirational coach, a yoga teacher, and 22 years as a women’s circle facilitator (since she was 16 years old!) to teach about healing and transformation through a system of feminine archetypes. 

Working with feminine power archetypes makes the transformational work accessible, relatable, and fun. 

And unlike most online courses, this program has multiple components for all learning styles: videos, audios, meditations and visualizations… plus a hard copy of your own beautiful creativity journal and workbook, and even LIVE virtual weekly women’s circles, so you get to create a powerful sisterhood with other women in the program every step of the way.  

The ability to connect and create community with other women consistently is one of many components that makes your experience much more personal. All of the components combined are incredibly effective to help you create real life changes and experience real grounded transformation. 

The time investment is as little or as much as you want it to be. There are tons of resources and many types of support for you, you get to decide what is most helpful and what you can commit to at this time.

If you were to take advantage of all of the support available, the live activation call is 30-45 min, the live women’s circle is 90 min, and to explore all of the course materials each week will take you 30-45 min. Total, you are looking at 2.5-3 hours of time investment a week to fully participate in this experience.

You are not required to attend the live experiences nor to study the online materials, but they are each on their own a deeply rich and nourishing part of this course, and we highly recommend all of them together for a powerful transformational experience. However, if you are short on time but still really want to be a part of this program, when you attend or consume any of the components individually, you will get tremendous value from each part of the course on its own. 

We have a risk-free guarantee that allows you to try the course for the first week and make sure that it is a right fit for you. If after the first week you decide you no longer want to attend our program, you will receive a full refund for the program minus a $20 processing fee. 

The requirements to be eligible for this refund are that you have attended the first week’s live circles and watched the first week’s videos in the online course.

If after you have given the week a fair trial you decide to leave the program, you will be refunded your course investment minus the $20 processing free (since we send you materials right away)

If you need to stop attending the live portion of the course later than the 1st week for any reason, you are welcome to keep all of the virtual and hard copy materials to study at your own pace in your own time. There is a wealth of resources and support for you even if you can’t attend the live experiences. Many women go through the Reclaim your Power program with only the online materials and get tremendous value. You will also be welcome to keep interacting in the private Facebook each week to stay connected to your cohort of women moving through the program together. 

Each week from 12-12:45pm PST on Tuesdays, Laura will lead a live Activation session for all of the women in the entire program on Zoom. This will be an opportunity to experience an “activation” within yourself of that week’s materials, and hear Laura share valuable teachings and practices around the current week’s topic. These are powerful, fun, uplifting, and in depth sessions that will leave you feeling activated and inspired for your week ahead.

Each week you will also choose a women’s circle time where you will meet with 6-9 other women in your program and have a more intimate and connected experience, guided by one of our amazing certified and trained Reclaim Your Power facilitators. These are the magic sauce of our program, where you will create sisterhood and connection in your life with beautiful women on the same path.

It is highly recommended that you attend both of these live experiences if you can, however both of them will also recorded and sent out to our participants if you cannot attend live for any reason that week.

If you need to miss one of your weekly circles, we recommend you watch the replay afterwards so you can see what was covered. Your facilitator will record each live circle and send it out to your small group so that you can watch a replay if you happen to miss that week.

You also will have access to all of what was covered in your live circles and activation sessions in the online course and will be able to watch it at your convenience when you are able to.

It is always best to attend all circles and sessions of course because they are such a powerful and rich part of the experience. But we understand that sometimes you can’t be there, and there are many alternatives for you so you don’t feel behind or miss out.

One of our greatest visions and intentions is to empower women's vision and leadership worldwide. To accomplish this, we offer professional pathways to become certified as a leader, mentor, and/or facilitator in women's empowerment work. 

If you do feel called to leadership, coaching, or facilitation of transformational work, Reclaim Your Power is our first course in the pathway towards professional certification. This course lays down the foundational teachings and practices for women in reclaiming our power, confidence, and voices, and allows us to come home to our deepest desires and dreams. 

For many women who find healing, wholeness, and power in our programs, they feel called to share these gifts with others and become mentors, coaches, facilitators, and leaders in the world doing this work. 

We offer a full pathway of certification and support to put wind beneath your wings as the light worker, healer, and teacher you feel called to be. Please reach out to Laura to connect about this opportunity at: [email protected] 


Our program does run through the week of Thanksgiving, but it is a self-study week with no live components of the course being held that week. So the program should not interfere with your Thanksgiving holiday plans at all, you can simply watch or listen to the self-study videos and meditations that week at your leisure. Many women report feeling grateful that they have the anchor and support of the materials during their holiday breaks, it can be very grounding and helpful if things ever get chaotic during the holidays. 

We complete the course the week of Dec. 15th, so we do not overlap with the Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah Holidays this year at all.   

The online course materials are available to you for the lifetime of the program. As long as it still exists, you have lifetime access. This is wonderful for those who like to revisit the materials years after taking the program, as many of our women do. 

If you are not able to attend the live circles or activations experience, you will still get tremendous value out of doing the course materials on your own and interacting in the Facebook Group to get community and connection that way.

You will be welcomed with open arms into our program whether you have been in a woman's circle many times or never before. We have had many women come into our programs that have never been in a group or circle before, and we do everything in our power to create a safe and loving environment of inclusivity and healing. It's our commitment to help all women feel at home and welcome. 


You will select the best day and time for you to attend each week and stick with the same live circle throughout the whole 12 weeks.

We work diligently to make sure that we create a safe and comfortable environment with our life circles to make sure women can get to know each other and go deep together. Unfortunately it just doesn't work to have new women in and out and attending all different times. 

This is one of the great benefits of the program that you get to know a particular group of women ongoing for the full 12 weeks. If you happen to need to miss a week, there will be a recording of your group's live circle that you can watch afterwards so you feel connected to what was done that week. 

Our program is a spiritual transformational program that has roots in many different spiritual, religious, and healing traditions. We respect and honor all faiths, and all paths and beliefs are welcome here in our programs.

Laura has a degree in comparative religion and finds joy in weaving the common threads of the world's religions and spiritual paths to find our commonality rather than separation and divide. You are free to be who you are here in our community, and we ask that you offer that same respect for other's beliefs and paths as well. 

To fully participate in our program, you only need to have a wifi and/or cellular connection, and a device that connects you to this, such as a smart phone, iPad or tablet, or a desk top computer or lap top. 

For your weekly materials, you will log into our course sit through your device and be able to watch all of the materials from there. 

To attend the live circles or calls, you would need to download the Zoom Video Conferencing app, which is free for all users and easy to navigate. You can also access that from any device that has wifi or cellular connection. 

You can download the Zoom app here for free:

As long as you have a wifi or cellular device, you will be able to participate in the program from anywhere in the world. 

Reclaiming Our Power…

Full success story interviews from past participants


More Words About the Reclaim Your Power Pathway…

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Connect all the parts of who you are…

This course allows anyone to go deep and open up in a safe environment. It is a journey into your own core to connect all the parts that make you who you are and enables you to get the most out of your life. At times it may not be easy but the end result is DEFINITELY worth its weight in gold.

~ Sharon Abrams

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Returned to parts of myself that have been repressed…

I am deeply grateful for having participated in Laura's Reclaim Your Power program. As a therapist, coach and yoga teacher, what I appreciated was how Laura connected the archetypes with the chakras and lead us in guided visualizations that allowed me to connect with my Wise Woman Archetype, and other parts of myself that long to be heard, seen and expressed. This program has helped me to feel more empowered and self-confident as a woman. It has also helped me to return to parts of myself that have been hidden & repressed, like the shadow artist that longs to paint again!

~ Marina Livis, MSW, INHC, RYT

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I feel empowered - from the heart

I feel supported, in a different way than I ever have. The women's circles feel like being held, emotionally. That is the type of support I needed and that I wasn't finding elsewhere in my life. This makes me feel grounded and more calm in my life. I feel more clear in my decisions for change and my vision of how it will unfold… I feel like I've been able to explore and reconnect with what is really important to me, my core values, and figure out how to align my life and day-to-day living with them. I would say overall I feel empowered - from the heart, rather than from my mind. I have always felt powerful in my life, or like I can be… meaning I feel very competent, capable, productive, able to achieve my goals, very assertive, and physically strong - but that is different than feeling empowered. This is a key shift for me.

~ Shanti Berryman, PhD

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Reconnected to my sacred femininity…

This course came along at just the right time for me when I was really needing to reconnect to myself and my sacred femininity, something that I hold dear and is an integral value I hold for myself. I am in deep gratitude to you, Laura for creating this course. You are an honored facilitator and high priestess of sacred femininity. I would love to participate again someday in another one of your programs.

~ Anita Kuhn

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Psychologically my life has been greatly improved…

Psychologically my life has been greatly improved through the power of the archetypes and Laura’s teachings. The experience of being in a women’s circle alone was very cathartic. I would recommend this program highly to my friends.

~ Rachel McC.

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Beautifully and gracefully delivered…

Reclaim Your Power has been beautifully and gracefully delivered in a way that made me really want to show up for myself. Being vulnerable with my own community is already a challenge, but opening myself up to a variety of unknown people and places within continues to amaze me at how perfect life really is. I can just trust now that we are really all in this together! Thank you!

~ Farren Assaly

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The world urgently needs to come back into balance…

Laura has woven together a remarkable resource for women at exactly the right moment in history. The world urgently needs for humanity to come back into balance, and women are being called to offer their deepest wisdom and authentic feminine power NOW. By giving us glimpses of her own journey through trauma and pain and self-doubt and healing and love and joy, Laura invites us all to show up as we are ‐ and then challenges us to take the next step and the next in our own leadership. I applaud this brave pathway created by this wise young woman to remind us it is time to embrace the many dimensions of our own wisdom and power.

~ Kathe Schaaf Co-Founder of Gather the Women and Women of Spirit and Faith, Co Editor of Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership: Where Grace Meets Power

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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” ~ Anais Nin


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