Live Like a Goddess, Think Like a Queen

with Laura J. Swan

Are you ready to live like a Goddess and think like a Queen?

In this new and potent self-study course, Laura will guide you through a beautiful process to activate your confidence, radiance, and feminine power.

Who is a Goddess Queen?

A Goddess Queen is a woman who defines her own beauty, creates her own standards, and radiates love from the inside out. 

She recognizes the impact of the challenges in her present and past, and she chooses to create her own future moving forward. 

She lives a balance between her own masculine and feminine energy, and aligns herself with the more natural rhythms of her body and the earth. 

She recognizes the influence of mainstream consciousness on her self-image, and she chooses to live in Queen Consciousness instead. 

She stands side by side with her sisters as equals, and she chooses love over fear... time and time again. 

Who is the Goddess Queen?

She is within YOU, and she is ready to be activated and unleashed. 

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What's Included In The Course?

In this easy to navigate virtual platform, Laura takes you through the 5 Goddess Codes and 5 Queen Mindsets to unlock your own Goddess Queen energy

You will receive: 

  • A full self-study online course with 5 lessons 
  • Video teachings by Laura on the 5 Goddess Codes and the 5 Queen Mindsets
  • Downloadable audio meditations and activations
  • Laura's beautiful new book: Live like a Goddess, Think like a Queen... a colorful guidebook and journal to accompany your course. (received as a PDF download)
  • 5 suggested practices and 5 mindset shifts to activate and empower the Goddess Queen within you


Do you feel like you need a little encouragement and guidance right now as you walk the path of healing and transformation? This course will revive you with inspiration and a remembrance of who you are and why you are here. Laura teaches through stories and lessons that uplift and inspire you to keep trusting yourself, over and over again (especially when it's hard)


One of the greatest medicines available for women is our relationships with each other. To live like a Goddess and think like a Queen, we have to be willing to see the Queen in each other, and stop buying into the myth of competition and scarcity between us. This course will empower you to release jealousy and competition and create supportive sisterhood and connection in your life. 


The live a Goddess and think like a Queen, we have to honor our natural energy cycles and needs for self-care as a top priority. Burn out and stress plague so many women, and so often we put others needs before our own. This course will help you redefine what self-care looks like, and empower you with practices aligned with nature that truly rejuvenate you from the inside out.


What would it feel like to activate your radiance and shine as the Goddess Queen you truly are inside? Through video teachings and audio meditations, Laura offers you self-healing practices to come home to your true radiance. Experience the power of her 5 vital mindset shifts of a Queen that help you redefine beauty in your own terms from the inside out. 

"Laura Swan is a very special and enlightened being who has a deep and profound understanding of the divine power of the feminine. Her work and words will alter your life, pierce your heart, transform your relationship with yourself, and empower you to generate the future you have dreamed of. Be a part of Reclaim Your Power and allow the program to nourish every aspect of who you are."

Lynne Twist
Author, The Soul of Money Co founder, The Pachamama Alliance

"Laura is a true model of leading from love. Through her own personal vulnerabilities, she shows others to live their own Truths. I encourage anyone who wants to experience how much healing can occur from within a group of women to sign up for Laura's offerings. I still am finding the materials, guidance, offerings, and meditations to be a resource I go back to time and time again."

Kelly Thomas
Yoga Teacher, Artist

"Laura is a master at creating a safe and sacred space for a woman for healing and reclaiming parts of herself that have been feared or neglected. The course materials online are simple, short and easy to navigate yet gives you thorough information regarding the archetypes and topics..."

Rhavie Masiglat

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About Your Guide Laura J. Swan:

Laura J. Swan, MA, is a devoted mother, a women's transformational coach and leadership mentor, and a passionate advocate of women's healing and empowerment on the planet. She is the author of Reclaim Your Power, and the founder of the 12 week Reclaim Your Power transformational program for women. Laura found her passion and calling quite early in life when she started leading women's circles and programs at just 16 years old.

She runs several online courses and programs for women worldwide, and been training and mentoring feminine leaders for over 15 years. She currently lives with her family in beautiful Southern California, and spends much of her time in nature, gardening, and digging in the dirt with her children. 


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